Slow Cooker Turkey Roast

I confess that I had a boneless turkey roast in the freezer for almost a year. I just could not get inspired to make anything with it! Finally I found this recipe for crock pot turkey and after reading how people swore never to roast turkey in the oven again I thought it was worth a shot.

When making soups I Really appreciate the time my Simple slicer saves me. My onions and carrots where sliced right into the cooker and they all came out perfectly even.

I put the turkey roast on top of the veggies, added liquid and just let it do its thing all day. The house smelt amazing.

I cooked it on high since I got a late start but I think I could have turned it down sooner and everything would still have cooked fine. The meat pretty much fell apart when I took it out, it was very moist and flavorful. I scooped out the veggies and made a gravy out of the juices. This way I didn’t lose any of the nutrients that had cooked down into the broth (and as a bonus I got to cover everything in gravy, what’s not to like about that) ūüôā

The result was the ultimate comfort food. Next time I will not use the onion soup mix, it added too much salt to the gravy.

This is pretty much my creation so it’s fairly basic, please let me know if you have questions. When I make this again I will NOT use the onion soup mix, I thought it added too much salt and didn’t really improve the flavor of the turkey. A simpler spice rub would have been¬†sufficient.

Slow Cooker Turkey Roast with Vegetables

1 3lb turkey boneless turkey roast

4 carrots

2 small red onions

Onion Soup Mix (or alternate spices)

2 cups Chicken Stock (approx)

Slice the carrots and onions and layer them in the bottom of the baker

Rub the turkey roast with the onion soup mix or your choice of seasonings and place on top. Pour the liquid in the bottom and cook on low for 8 hours or high for 4-5 hours or until internal temperature of turkey is at least 165 degrees.

Remove Turkey and let sit before you cut it. Strain veggies into a separate bowl and transfer juices to a pan. Add your choice of thickener (flour, cornstarch, I prefer Wondra as it mixes very easily and does not clump) season with salt and pepper to taste

Place your veggies in the bottom of a bowl, some turkey slices on top and cover with gravy.