Freezer Breakfast Sandwiches

You ever have one of those mornings? You know, the ones where just rolling yourself out of bed because there are children screaming seems like the worst decision you are going to make all day? Obviously that is not the case but it sure feels like it during those first few moments. As you half open your sleepy eyes you here the first of a million questions for the day. “Mom, I’m hungry! What’s for breakfast?” All right, I might be overdramatizing a bit but if you have any sort of children (I’m including cats and dogs in this group) you know the first thing on their minds is always food. For me it’s coffee before all else and then, and only then shall they receive their daily bread and water. I’ve recently discovered the magic of freezer breakfast sandwiches to quiet the hungry beasts and allow me some precious moments alone with my coffee. There are lots of great recipes out there but this is my tweaked version of the perfect breakfast sandwiches.

Prep your meat

I’m using sausage since we bought 1/2 a pig and I have piles of it. You could use bacon, even ham if you so desire.

I formed my sausage patties and cooked em up on my cast iron griddle. This serves two purposes. You cook up lots of tasty sausages and you also get lots of awesome cookin grease.

– Prep Your Eggs

Because you aren’t going to want to stand around just watching sausages cook crack some eggs in a large bowl.The general rule with the eggs is I look at how many sandwiches I am making and then count how many square of egg I can get out of each pan. If you like a thicker egg layer, use more egg, thinner egg layer, use less. I used 10 this time and I thought my “egg layer” was a good thickness and I had a few left over.

I put some of that tasty grease (or butter, oil, whatever floats your boat)  from the sausages in whatever pan you are using, I had a couple small roaster pans this time, last time I did one big pan which was ALOT of egg squares. Put the pans and the grease in a 400 oven to preheat. Once your oven beeps at you take out the pans, swirl the grease around CAREFULLY and pour your beaten eggs on top. Bake for 10 minutes, check, I like to shake the pan a little to move any remaining liquid egg around. Check frequently and remove pans as soon as egg is set, you don’t want them to dry out.

NOTE: If you don’t have picky children like me (I can’t even use salt and pepper in eggs or there is a revolt)  this is your chance to have some fun. Throw spices, green onions, whatever you desire into your scrambled egg mixture. I put in a little cream cheese and 1/2 and 1/2 for creaminess.

Prep English Muffins

Once you’ve cooked up your piles of meat split your english muffins and toast them right on your hot skillet or pan.

I had some bacon grease standing by for when I felt the muffins were not toasting up to my liking.

– Prep Cheese

Cut the cheese. I’m gonna go out on a limb and let you figure that one out yourself.


So now you have all your awesome components the fun part can start. By now all your components should be pretty cool (if not, go away for awhile and have some more tea or coffee…. or cookies.


Once assembled and cooled completely wrap tightly in plastic wrap, throw in a freezer bag and toss in the freezer


Reheating instructions :

Take out of freezer and place still wrapped in the microwave for 30 seconds. Unwrap and place on plate continue to heat in 15/30  second bursts until cheese is melted

OR: for the ultimate breakfast sandwich turn on your oven to 400 before you start microwaving, stick your sandwiches in once they are warm and no longer frozen in the middle. Bake for a minute/minute 1:30 until your cheese is melted and they are crispy and tasty. So. Awesome.