The Wonderful Word of Cold Press Coffee

There are few things in my life that can make or break my day as completely as my morning cup of coffee. True, there are the times I wake up to someone screaming “MOMMA!” at the top of their two year old lungs and that is never pleasant, but most morning disasters can be minimized by that all important cup O’ joe. Now I’ve experienced most forms of coffee preparation: drip coffee maker, french press, espresso machine, mocha pot, I’ve had them all. They all have good points and bad points but what initially caused me to abandon them all was the twisting in my stomach that started to happen after consuming my favorite beverage. The acid felt like it was going to burn through my stomach! (ok, I might be over-dramitizing juuust a bit)

It was at a local coffee shop (before it became the “in thing”) I discovered the magical substance called cold brew. In a nutshell it is coffee brewed without heat. This has shown to lead to less than half the acid which is not only better for your stomach (and teeth) but it also doesn’t have that “burnt” taste you can get with hot brewed coffee.  I could go into all sorts of detail why this is awesome but it would probably be more helpful to just cover the highlights and then show you how to make it right? Right, ok here’s the lowdown:

  • 60% less acid
  • Easy on stomach and teeth
  • INSANELY easy to make
  • Does not require an extra countertop device that takes up room in your kitchen
  • You only have to make it every week (or two)
  • Stays fresh for over 2 weeks
  • Makes hot and cold coffee super simple
  • It’s cheaper than Charbucks, I mean overpriced coffee houses 😛 12oz of coffee will last you a week, cheaper than those $5-$6 drinks.

Ok, I’m sure I missed some but those are my favs. Let’s get down to business

First you need to grind your coffee beans. I use my Ninja blender, it can grind 20oz of coffee at once, soooo simple. I buy the 2.5 lb. bag of kirkland espresso blend beans (killer deal) , put my blender on my kitchen scale and then pour in beans until I have as many oz as I want to make. Note: However you grind your beans you want to grind them for a while, large pieces of bean will make your concentrate bitter so you are aiming for a coarse grind but with no big chunks. I run my blender for a while but it will all depend on what you are using to grind. 

Pour your coffee into a pitcher you will use for nothing else. I had an extra big plastic one that works perfect. The important thing is that it has a lid and it has a spout.

– Add water and stir – I like to use filtered. The amount will depend on how much coffee. ok, maybe you don’t have to stir but it’s fun.

– Let it sit on your counter for aprox 11 hours – I like to do this overnight so that it’s ready to strain in the morning. If you leave it a little longer, no big deal.

– Strain the coffee – I like to use a big strainer and cloth “jelly bags” you could use cheesecloth, I personally hate working with cheesecloth so I always opt for the cloth bags or a couple of those plastic mesh produce bags when someone tells me to use cheesecloth. Less fuss and they are re-useable.

– Transfer and refrigerate – after you make yourself your morning pick-me-up 😛  20oz of coffee made me 2 full quarts!

And all those wonderful smelling coffee grounds? Your garden or plants would LOVE them, they are great in my compost bin

And that’s it. Now you have coffee for at least a week for two people depending on your coffee habits and how strong you like it. I personally use 5-6 Tablespoons per coffee cup.

Ready for your coffee? the process changes with the season. In the winter I use my electric kettle to heat water to boiling and then pour it over my concentrate, milk and honey. In the summer I don’t have to heat water but I do need to keep simple syrup on hand (1 cup sugar, 1 cup water, bring it to a boil, cool then store in the fridge)  I’m also partial to vanilla and almond extracts but that’s just me.

Add everything to you cup with some ice, stir and you have a coffee-house style drink

– Add ice, coffee, 1/2&1/2 or milk, flavor, simple syrup and top off with water. Done!













Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate

12oz coarse ground coffee to 7 cups water

20oz coarse ground coffee to 11.5 cups water

Combine water and coffee. Let sit at room temperature for 11 hours.

Strain and refrigerate. Dilute with water, approximately 5 Tablespoons for regular coffee mug