My Scambled Eggs – Kid Style



So this is going to be short and sweet. Scrambled eggs are an essential and often the only breakfast element that I put a couple minutes into making most mornings. Although something most people can do in their sleep I have a couple tricks that have made my eggs better since I started using them.
This is going to be super complicated. You ready?

1 – Crack your eggs in a bowl, add a little milk or 1/2 & 1/2 and whip the crud out of them with a fork. I like to stir vigorously until there are no little piece of egg left, until everything is smooth and uniform. You will know when you see it.

2 – Put some butter in your hot skillet, swirl it around and pour the eggs on top

3 – LEAVE THEM ALONE. This is the important part. I used to immediately start fussing around with them. let them cook and fluff up as they do. Resist the urge to scramble. After you think the bottom looks done and has some color then you can carefully lift up an edge and move/fold them around a bit to get the egg on top to the bottom and cooking. Let this egg cook a bit, not too long. Then and only then when the egg is mostly cooked and all fluffy should you “scramble”, I just slice it up a bit. make sure to turn the burner off.

So there you have it, I’m sure most of you have learned these secrets years ago but I didn’t know them so I thought I would share in case I wasn’t alone.